You think you know them ?
Did you noticed that the potato was a stone rolled by the earth, the cabbage a charming pregant belly,
the  tomato, a sex, and the pumpkin, the carriage of our dreams or our fantasies...
Considering them as simple objects, as neutral objects of a "still life" is an illusion. 
 They are real actors expressing a vital strenght, a rebel will.
 Men's companions since the first ages, they have moulded his brain as well as his hands.
Time has come to tie a new link with them
to enchant our world.

« The real forbidden fruit, it’s her. The tomato is a flesh, a meat which is searching for the tooth, mouth which is seeking desire…»

« Salad is a virtual food.»

« Vegetable is a hidden secret that a hand picks and reveals, like a word who delivers the inner seed of thoughts.”

« A man is not only eating nutriments:
he is also eating dreams. 

This book has rewarded
Le Grand Prix de Littérature Gourmande

Marie-Christine Clément

 "Everyday I watch people eating.  
My job is to please their taste, my passion, to try to understand how eating is working."
                                                                                                                                                    M-Ch. Clément

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