We are located in the central Eastern part of the Loire Valley. Within an hour drive, you will be able to visit the most beautiful Chateaux or wander around the most beautiful Loire garden and parks.

Château de Chambord
The biggest Renaissance chateaux of the Loire, born from the dream of a young King, François Ier, 
and from the biggest genious of all times, Leonardo da Vinci.
The most fascinating Loire Valley castle !

Château de Cheverny Château de Cheverny
Splendid castle from the 17th century, with
magnificent furniture, Cheverny, also known for its hunting hounds, is one of the biggest private Loire Valley castle.  

Château de Chenonceau
Splendor of the Renaissance,
Chenonceau is settle on each side of the Cher river
with grace and
insolence !
The spirit of four famous women, queens or favorites,
still  enlight the rooms
Beautiful flowers arrangements are displayed all year around.

Château de Valençay
One of the most beautiful Renaissance Loire castles
Valençay has been the home of the Prince of Talleyrand, foreign minister of Napoleon the 1st and therefore has kept a beautiful collection of Empire style furniture.
You will also be able to visit Carême's kitchen.

Amboise was one of the first home of the Kings of France. Leonardo Da Vinci is buried in its chapel.
Magnificent location above the Loire river, like a balcony.

Different historical events have taken place
in this unique Royal castle.
Louis XII, François 1er, Catherine of Medicis and Gaston d'Orléans, Louis 13th's brother, lived there.
One wing is today an Art Museum.

The house of the Magic is facing it.

  Château de Beauregard - Cellettes
Beauregard has different charms :   
its famous portrait gallery, its "grelots" cabinet and its landscaped park designed by Gilles Clément.

Loches is a unique medieval city with its "Logis Royal" (the royal castle) where Charles the 7th, Agnès Sorel and Anne de Bretagne lived, its roman Collegiale and Donjon where Louis 11th used to hang its prisoners in so-called "fillettes" cages
like birds.

And others hidden treasures...

Château du Moulin - Lassay sur Croisne
Le château du Moulin
Charming brick castles surrounded by water,
lost in the forest, with a charming vegetables garden
honored today by a local delight : strawberry.

Château de Bouges - Bouges le Château
Lost in the Berry countryside, this jewel is a replica of
Marie-Antoinette's Petit Trianon of Versailles.

Landscaped park in the French and English styles,
bouquet garden,  stables and old hippo-mobiles collection. 
Château de Montpoupon
Wonderfully set in a little valley, this old forteress is dedicated to horse-hunting.

International Garden Festival 
of Chaumont sur Loire

Every year, different designers from the world are presenting in this exceptionnal place overlooking the Loire,
extraordinary and surprising garden.

The most beautiful French Style garden of France !
 This ornemental vegetables garden is from the 17th century. Squary borders are presenting at the same time vegetables and flowers all year through. This symbolic garden is representing water, love, music and senses...

A marvellous promenade !
Valmer - Chançay

In a remarquable location, overlooking the Brenne valley, Valmer has been inspired with the Italian Villas of the Renaissance. Garden and park are playing with the hill with lots of charm before opening on a beautiful vegetables garden.

Arboretum des Barres - Nogent sur Vernisson
Arboretum national des Barres
at Nogent sur Vernisson
Initially owned by the Vilmorin family, this arboretum 
is a real life collection of more than 2 500 trees.

Parc floral de La Source

Created in 1964, this park is located outside of Orléans by the source of the Olivet river. Recently restored
you can see a wonderful iris collection, exotic butterflies, a hundred remarkables trees and a new vegetables garden.

And also...

Le Clos Lucé - Amboise
at Amboise
Leonardo da Vinci's last home.

Known for its splendid cathedral from the 13th century, Bourges is also an old town where you can visit
Jacques Coeur's Palace, The Hôtel Lallemant,
the Art and Popular Traditions of Berry Museum,
 the best workers of France Museum or
its contemporary art galleries.   

One of the most beautiful villages of France by the Indrois river.


To Enjoy the Loire...

Hot-Air Balloooning
from Chambord, Cheverny or Chenonceau
Flights depending on the weather forecast,
either early in the morning from 6.30 am
or late in the afternoon
For further details, contact us.

On the Loire, on a traditionnal boat !
A fascinating way of discovering one of the last wild river
 of Europe...

Zoo de Beauval
at Saint-Aignan
One of the most beautiful zoos of Europe !


In a well-kept nature,
some beautiful golf-courts...

at 32 km from Romorantin
Golf du Château de Cheverny
18 holes in a 134 hectares park.

at 44 km from Romorantin
Golf de Ganay
Near by the town of Beaugency,
 designed by
Jim Shirley

planets.gif (5939 octets)
Radiotelescope of Nançay
  One of the world biggest radiotelescope listening to the sounds of the universe. A planetarium is presenting different exhibitions on astronomy .  

Sologne Karting Salbris
International karting circuit for official competitions.

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