Didier Clément
Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux,
Didier CLEMENT is inspired by his readings, people he meets or his promenades in the Sologne.
From a light, an impression, a color, a smell, he is creating subtiles and sincere dishes, surprisingly balanced and harmonious.
 He was one of the first to re-discover old varieties of herbs, vegetables and spices and has still today gardeners working especially for him.
Among his classics :  
the "Cuisses de Grenouilles à la Rocambole"
 (a frog legs salad using a wild variety of garlic),
 the "Langoustines à la Graine de Paradis"
(langoustines perfectly cooked flavoured
, like in the medieval times, with a mixture of different spices with a dominant of the Paradise Seeds, a spice he has been the first to use again after it was lost for 5 centuries), the "Pigeon farci façon babylonienne"
(a pigeon stuffed spices and garlic, dates and almonds as in the Babylonian times),
 or his "Brioche caramélisée au Sorbet Angélique".
(a caramelized bun served with candied Cedrat, fresh raspeberries  and a fresh Angelica sorbet).

Variation d'Asperges blanches
One of his favorite product is also white Asparagus (see Variation above) or the elder flower from which he can flavored either a lobster
or wild strawberries... 

During the winter, he is exploring venison flavors and is presenting unusual sweets such as a variety of squash flavoured with an Imperial Green Tea or the wild medlar fruits served with a muscat syrup.  

Menus "Au goût du Jour" (only served at luncheons), "Impressions" and "Vagabondages"


Didier Clément is also a member of Les Grandes Tables du monde.

69 rue Georges Clemenceau 41200 Romorantin-Lanthenay France
Phone 33 + (0) 2 54 94 15 15    Fax. 33+ (0) 2 54 88 24 87

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