Imagine Paris as a typical town of province, where life would pass by peacefully
with quiet fishermen
on the border of the Seine...
It is maybe what would have happened, if Leonardo da Vinci and François 1st
 had been able to bring their project to a successful conclusion…
The capital of France would be today a lakeside city on the Sauldre river, channelled as a square Venice.
In the heart of the reflection of Leonardo da Vinci : the healthiness of the city
 with an automatic system of cleaning by the action of mills, communications from Tours to Lyon by waterways,
and the establishment along the river of an ideal city with a beautiful double royal palace,
intended to become the new capital of the Kingdom of France !
What a beautiful revenge for our city so long being the prototype of the "little town of province"
that the rediscovery of this forgotten project !
A first approach was presented in 2009 at the Clos-Lucé in Amboise.
This exhibition held in Romorantin will clarify and expose all the details of this amazing project.  

The discovery of a big plot of land along the Sauldre river on the napoleonic land registry
allowed to cut the former debate between the architectural historian Jean Guillaume
and the international specialist of Leonardo, Carlo Pedretti, concerning the size of the palace.
Statement GPS allowed to place exactly the earth-movings of the years 1517-1519.
Archaeological excavations led in April, 2010 and managed by Simon Bryant allowed to locate substructions of limestone proving that a part, at least, of the construction site had been taken care by a royal financing.
The location of a hunting lodge in a forest deprived in the North of Romorantin,
in the said place "le Rond du Roi",
came to contradict the hypothesis of Pedretti of a detached house situated in town attached to the castle.
 "Le Rond du Roi", where 8 paths cut as a giant star, could indeed correspond
with the octagonal building thought by Leonardo.
Finally, a series of statements on the ground of the canal planned between the Sauldre and the Cher rivers
 allowed to make Leonardo's sketches correspond in the curiously right plan
with a brook still existing, called, the "Mabon".
These new data confronted with the sketches of the Codex of Leonardo da Vinci allow us new readings.

The exhibition suggests answering a stabbing question :
why was François Ier's project elaborated with Leonardo abandoned ?
Is it because of an epidemic, as what was often said ? Is it because the King changed his priorities ?
Is it because he did not have enough money ? But then, why he dashes then into the construction site of Chambord ?
 Finally, if Chambord is an alternative solution,
what tracks left the romorantinaise adventure in the palace built by the King builder in the nearby forest ?

The exhibition will take place in the Museum of Sologne and in the Automobile  Matra Museum.
On 600m ², the project of Leonardo da Vinci will be replaced in its context to arrest  the unlimitedness of the task to be carried out.
The technology of the 3D reconstructions will come to support the numerous, and invaluable models were lent by the Museo Leonardiano di Vinci from Italy.

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