Romorantin is an archetype of a French provincial city. 
For a long time it was far away from main railways and motoways, but nowdays its central localisation in the center of France has now made Romorantin located in a triangle of motoway
such as A10, A 71 and A 85.

"Romorantin" was called before the 16th century "Remorantin"
from sandy lands ("mo") and a little river ("re") called the "Rantin".
"Lanthenay" is a name of a nearby village joined by our city in 1961.

"Remorantin" lived a fastuous time during the Renaissance
François 1er's mother, Louise de Savoie, the royal family and the court stayed there. The king loved this town so much that he wanted to built there its royal palace (which has become Chambord).  
Leonardo da Vinci came in France to work on it but he had another idea : building an ideal city. He wanted to build a new Rome on the Rantin. Unfortunatly he died too soon to realize it but the name remain from his dream : Romorantin, a little Rome on the Rantin.

Some new details have recently been discovered on this story and in the future, Romorantin will become part of a european Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci route with Amboise, Chambord, Vinci and Florence.

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  You can see some drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
about Romorantin on line on the British Library's website.
Drawings of this page are from a local artist David Morichon.

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