Not long ago the New York Times wrote as an headline :
 "An amazing wild country 2 hours
South from Paris !"...
The Sologne is hidden under the Loire, South of Orléans.
 His capital is Romorantin-Lanthenay where is located our hotel.
 It's a famous area in France not only for its Tarte Tatin
where it was created but also for its natural environment.
 It used to be the favorite place for kings to hunt and
 is now the favorite place for secret, nature and quietness lovers.
Its sandy land is giving a romantic landscape with forest moors,
lots of ponds, marshes, heathers clearings and lots willow trees.
Sologne's landscape is like a wild garden.
Like a song, small villages made with bricks houses are welcoming you :
Nançay, Brinon, St Viâtre, Ligny-le-Ribault, La Ferté Saint-Cyr, Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre, Marcilly en Gault, Ménétréol, La Ferté-Imbault La Ferté Beauharnais,  Chaon, Vouzon, Vouzeron, and last but not least the scottish Aubigny-sur Nère...

It's also very pleasant to drive around in the Sologne from one village to another
 where are spread thema houses such as
 the dear' house at Ligny le Ribault, the pond's house at Saint-Viâtre, the "braconnage" house at Chaon,
the rural handcraft at Tigy, and others charming villages presenting contempory art and antics such as
Nançay or Brinon-sur-Sauldre...

Today it's an ideal place for bicycle riding or bird watching.
It's one of the best birding areas in central France.
The bird life is really abundant around Sologne especially in the ponds district
 around Marcilly en Gault and Saint-Viâtre.
 You can easily see numerous species, including shoveler, gadwall, teal, garganey and pochard ducks; great and little bitterns; purple and grey herons; night-herons; cormorants; marsh harriers; great crested and black-necked grebes; black kites; booted eagles; goshawk and honey buzzards; black terns; baillon's crakes; sedge, great reed, grasshopper and Savi's warblers; nightjars and woodlarks;  and grey-faced and black woodpeckers.
An association "Sologne Nature Environnement" located in Romorantin is organizing bird watching visits in Sologne
all year round and on special requests.


On our menu, we are presenting all through the year
farm rabbit and wild rabbit, and at the game season,
wild local venison such as hare, partridge or deer.
Some examples :

Persillé de Lièvre au Foie Gras en Gelée fumée
Perdreau gris au Vin de Sureau
Râble de Lièvre Smitane
Cuisse de Lièvre au Cacao
Noisettes de Chevreuil aux Clémentines


The pictures of this page are from our book  
Sologne gourmande
If you would like to discover the secret paths of our area,   
Balades et randonnées à pied et à Vtt - Sologne
éd. Chamina, 2001, n°128.

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